Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. At what age does my child have to be to attend the camps? 
    • The camp is for children grades K-12
  2. If my child is younger than the required age, can he/she still attend camp? 
    • A camper who is not 5 years of age could attend with our permission.
  3. What are the hours of the camp? 
    • 9am-2pm
  4. How do I register for camp? 
    • On-line registration by debit or credit card from our website with full payment required.
  5. Do I need to obtain a physical from my child’s doctor? 
    • A physical from the doctor is not required unless they are being released from a previous illness or injury.
  6. Is this a team camp? 
    • We are not a team camp but teams can attend. We are an instructional camp for offensive skills, and defensive skills. Teams who attend are given the opportunity to play as a team.
  7. How will I know if my child is registered for camp? 
    • You will receive an email confirmation.
  8. How do I cancel my enrollment? 
    • Eventbrite has a section for you to cancel your camp purchase and we will provide a refund as long as you cancel within 30 days of camp.
  9. How are the campers grouped? 
    • Campers are grouped according to their age and grade. During camp they are evaluated and regrouped according to their ability, basketball IQ, and maturity.
  10. Will the boys and girls be grouped together? Will they compete against each other? 
    • Yes. Both girls and boys will be grouped together depending on the age and skill level.
  11. What kind of activities will be conducted? 
    • Offensive-defensive skill, speed and agility.
  12. What is the ratio of coaches to students? 
    • We want to have maximum ten players per coach.
  13. Can parents observe the camp? 
    • Yes. There will be an observation area for parents but we ask that you do not come down to the court to interact with the campers.
  14. What should my child bring to camp? 
    • See camp info page.
  15. What if my child wants to leave early?
    • We do not promote any camper to leave early, as it takes away from his or her overall experience. If a camper does need to leave early, the camp director should be notified, either in person at drop-off or via email, so he can let the camper's coach know.